News of the Week: Abortion and the Growing Culture of Death

As a Canadian, I find it disturbing that there are no laws in our country that restrict abortion in any way. Not only that, very few Conservative politicians openly advocate for the unborn in our country. Every Conservative party leader of the last several years promises not to open a debate about abortion, much less introduce legislation. This is even if they claim to be personally pro-life. Because bringing up abortion as a matter of debate would amount to a political kiss of death. No Conservative politician could hope to become Prime Minister of Canada while being openly pro-life and seeking to bring legislation to protect unborn children. It’s a non-starter.

In the US, the situation with respect to abortion is vastly different. Last year saw the overturning of Roe. v. Wade, effectively leaving abortion laws up to individual states. Because of this, there are states which have begun to significantly increase abortion restrictions; others are proclaiming themselves abortion sanctuary states. To this extent, the cultural divisions have only widened and become more aggressive. In fact, many leftist politicians began calling for the shutting down of crisis pregnancy centers because they do not offer abortion as an option. There have even been attacks on these centers.

But at least in the US they talk about abortion — or argue about it. In Canada, it never makes it on to the political agenda at all.

Abortion is simply another aspect of the growing culture of death in our culture. It is an act which both destroys human life and dehumanizes those who participate in it.

And sometimes there are stories about what is happening with respect to abortion that I just can’t wrap my mind around. For example, there is this story about an abortion that took place in Quebec when the unborn child was at 38 weeks.

Similarly. in the US Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed a bill that would have required life-saving measures for unborn children who survive abortions. You can read more about that story here.

How more people do not see how insane this is is beyond me. While it may be possible to make a case for abortion at the very earliest stages of pregnancy (though I find that also very hard to see), to be so adamantly pro-choice as to want no restrictions at all and even to permit what is effectively infanticide, the killing of a child once outside the womb because for some reason the abortion was unsuccessful, is absolute madness.

In the days of the early church, Roman culture permitted exposure, the leaving of unwanted newborns, especially girls, in the elements. Their cultural context was different from ours, but Christians in that time often rescued children in this situation. You can read about the history of this here, here and here. It’s another example of how the early church resisted the culture around them.

It is easy these days to feel helpless in the face of so much that is happening in our world that is contrary to our faith as Christians. But when it comes to abortion, we can continue to support local crisis pregnancy centers. We can write our politicians, especially the ones who we know are pro-life, and encourage them to do more to protect the unborn. And we can be there for those in our midst who find themselves struggling with the reality of an unexpected pregnancy. As Christians, we ought to be on the side of the most vulnerable among us, and there is hardly anyone more vulnerable than an unborn child.

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