A Prayer for Forgiveness

Praise and glory belong to You alone, everlasting Father. Save me from the pit of despair. I have tried to do life on my own and I’m tired, weak and worn out. I am desperate for You. I surrender-my will, my ways, my agenda. Take all of me. I believe You are who you said You are-the Savior of the world- who while I am still sinning, You chose to die for me. For the joy set before You, You endured the cross. I am your joy! You rejoice over me with singing. The thoughts You have of me are good and outnumber the sand on the seashore. When I awake You are there. Nothing is hidden from Your sight because You are the Alpha and Omega, the Firstborn over all creation and yet You take notice of me. I receive You today as You knock on the door of my heart. Come in. Please, I beg of you! Forgive my sins past, present, and future and write my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Seal me and fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit so I can work out my salvation with fear and trembling. More of You and less of me. In the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, from this day on and forevermore, until You come to take me home to be with You. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.
To You alone be glory forever and ever, Amen.

Tammy Henderson, MSN, RN
Former Assistant Professor of Nursing and Alumna
Biola University

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