Poem of the Week

“Incarnatus,” John Julian

Bethlehem broadened and filled our horizons,
The stable demanded our hearts in return;
God spoke the Word in the flesh of a Man-child
And wrote with that Body what mankind must learn.

Suffer, he said, but never cause suffering;
Give, while the rest of the world seeks to take;
Die, if it's needed, but never cause dying;
Love, with the knowledge that friends may forsake.

Peace is your hope while others are warring;
Gentle, your way while the rest are all strong;
Care in a world that has grown past all caring;
Sing to a world that despises your song.

This is your duty, and this your commission:
To dance among those who creep on the earth;
To celebrate life amid deathly confusion,
To speak in your living the truth of my Birth.

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