Faith Means


It means trusting in what I cannot see or touch.

It means acknowledging that there are truths I cannot hold in my hands.

It means not making technology, human endeavours, or the machinations of politicians my source of peace and hope.

It means accepting my limitations and that I am not ultimately in control of my life—much less anyone else’s.

It means there is value, worth, and meaning in that which is not material and able to be packaged and sold.

It means being inexplicably moved in the deep places of my heart in unexpected ways.

It means recognizing that everything that has ever existed and will ever exist—all the cosmos—owes that existence to God.

It means facing up to the reality that often I want to ignore all of this or that I fail to live up to it.

It means learning to live in love, especially with the people who inhabit my life day after day.

It means believing that something—or Someone—beyond my immediate awareness upholds me and keeps me.

It means resting in the grace that this Someone—that is, Christ, the Word made flesh—lavishly pours out.

The truth is, every single person has faith and lives by faith in one way or another.

This is my faith. What’s yours?

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