Jesus’ Compassion

Below is an excerpt from yesterday’s With God Daily devotional by Skye Jethani. I thought it was really worth sharing, especially with anyone who thinks that God doesn’t really care or is indifferent to our suffering. Here it is:

“The New Testament does not present Jesus as a stoic, emotionally disengaged sage. He isn’t an aloof prophet on a mountaintop removed from the unwashed masses below. Instead, he is shown dwelling among the people—eating, touching, healing, and weeping. And when he is described as “full of compassion,” the language is powerfully empathetic to the point of being physically painful. The best modern translation of splanchnon might be “gut-wrenching.” It’s the kind of compassion that punches us in the stomach. It’s a feeling we cannot ignore. The point of this language is important. By linking God’s compassion to a mother’s womb or a punch in the stomach, Scripture is communicating that the Lord doesn’t merely see or recognize our struggles, he also feels them.”

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