Letting the Bible Read Us

Today’s Lectio365 devotional has some good questions to ask ourselves as we read our Bibles:

“How do I approach the Scriptures? Do I read them, or am I read by them? Do I attempt to master them, or do I allow them to master me? Do I believe that God is present as I read, and that He has a message for me?”

Sometimes I make Bible reading into a brief addition to my day. I don’t give it time to work it’s way into my heart and mind. Or I treat it as an encyclopedia of answers to questions I have, rather than let it speak on its own terms. Worse, maybe I sometimes don’t let God’s word challenge me and my assumptions because I want to keep thinking the way I think. Perhaps I even favour some books or parts of the Bible over others, and stick to my favourite passages or to more familiar ones.

How do I need to make Scripture a more consistent part of my everyday life? What can I do to make sure I’m letting the Bible speak to and question me? What should you do?

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