Tending the Garden

The LORD God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it.

Genesis 2:15
Peas and Beans

We’ve never been gardeners. In fact, my wife has often lamented the fact that plants usually die early deaths under her care.

But all that has changed. The recent small project we began this past spring of growing only radishes to give one of our sons something interesting and creative to do has led to the planting of peas, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber. Oh, and some herbs.

As you can see from the few pictures, much of what we’ve planted is coming along nicely. Not only that, but it’s an entirely above ground garden. We’ve repurposed an old swing set. My wife has been very creative when it comes to setting everything up.

We’ve already enjoyed the radishes a few times. Those we season and roast in the oven. And our recent salads have been made with our lettuce.

Over the fall and winter, we’re hoping to have a small, indoor salsa garden. Yum!

I’m posting about this because I’ve begun a series called “Spiritual Practices for an Accelerating Age.” I posted the introduction a couple of weeks ago. The first practice in this series will go online tomorrow. Among those practices is one I call “use your hands.” Gardening fits.

And my wife, who does the lion’s share of the gardening, has told me how tending our garden has been calming, and reminds her of where life comes from and what it’s all about. She spoke of “the importance of your own hands being involved in providing for your family” and how it draws her nearer to God as our Creator.

If that’s not a spiritual practice for an accelerating age, I don’t know what is!

One thought on “Tending the Garden

  1. Linda Perrin

    Great idea for the garden. Nice looking produce. I agree working in the dirt is soothing at least until my back starts aching. Lol Blessings Derek

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