Prayer of the Week

This week’s prayer is from English poet, teacher, High Church Anglican cleric and Roman Catholic convert, and major metaphysical poet in 17th-century English literature, Richard Crashaw (1613–1649). If you choose to pray this prayer, perhaps do so not only for your own Christian community (or yourself) but on behalf of our Christian neighbours to the south as they celebrate their Independence Day today. May this prayer also provide an opportunity to examine our hearts, particularly as we relate to those around us. And may our Lord Jesus in his abundant grace see fit to answer it in our lives.

Jesus, by your wounded feet,
Direct our path aright:
Jesus, by your nailed hands,
Move ours to deeds of love:
Jesus, by your pierced side,
Cleanse our desires:
Jesus, by your crown of thorns,
Annihilate our pride:
Jesus, by your silence,
Shame our complaints:
Jesus, by your parched lips,
Curb our cruel speech:
Jesus, by your closed eyes,
Look on our sin no more:
Jesus, by your broken heart,
Knit ours to you.
And by this sweet and saving sign of the cross,
Lord, draw us to our peace with you. Amen.

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