My Prayer

Usually when I share a prayer here, it is a prayer I have found elsewhere. This time, however, I thought I would share part of a prayer that I wrote in my journal this evening after having had a very good day and a blessed Sabbath. It’s a prayer about bringing who we are before God in more direct contact with who we are around others. Less pretense, more honesty. More fully myself, and more at home in the skin God has dressed me in. Less afraid of what others think, and more alive to the presence of God. Maybe it will connect with you in some small way. Here it is:

Jesus, help me to speak words that come from the deepest, most truthful part of me. May I be real as I stand before, with, and beside others. Remove falsity from my heart. And may I learn to speak more frequently of you in winsome, humble ways. Amen.

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