Prayer of Humble Surrender

“Heavenly Father you are the Most High God. You are the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and yet you know me so intimately. I humbly ask you to forgive my sins and make me more like you. Breathe new life into my soul and refresh me with the power of the Holy Spirit so I can intercede for others, perform miracles of healing and be transformed into the image of your Son. Make me more like you each and every day. Take away any pride that sets itself up against you in any act of defiance. I am a fool to oppose you in any way in my life. I surrender today to your will. Thank you for your unconditional love that saved me and raised me out of the pit of despair. You are the Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You reign forever and ever. I praise your Holy name.
In the precious name of Jesus,

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