Tumultuous Times

Here is an excerpt from this morning’s Lenten Project devotional by Dr. Laurie Wilson:

“We live, as Christians have always lived, in tumultuous times. In the past few years, divisions of all kinds, on medical, social, and political issues, have racked our world, including the church. God’s power has not failed, however, nor has the authority of his word. He continues to produce the fruits of his Spirit in our lives. We stand together in repentance of sin, boldness in declaring the gospel, confidence in our adoption as his children, and in joyful intimacy with him. Cultural trends and time-bound perspectives change, and buildings crumble, but all that unites us in fellowship remains the same.”

Father, we join together in praise, glorifying you and waiting in eager expectation for you to work, transforming our lives and the body of the church into the image of Christ. Amen.

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