Below is a portion of today’s Lent Project devotional. I love what it says about hope.

“Hope is more than something we have. It is something we do. Hope is not merely a warm optimism. It is a posture we take. It is a posture of confident expectation. We hope in the Lord. We hope in His word. Hope is future directed. When I hope in Him, I entrust my future to Him. Hope is pointed towards the future, but Hope shapes my present. To hope in God is to count on Him for our future. To hope in His word is to count on His promises for my future.

To hope in God is an act of faith. This act of faith, sometimes courageous faith, transforms my present. When I count on God for my future, I can navigate my present with confidence. I may begin as I cry out of the depths, but God hears, showers me with mercy, forgives, redeems, and holds my future securely in His hand. Because He holds my future in His hands, I can release my future and dwell in the mercy of His present.”

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