A Prayer of Repentance

O immortal King, the Bestower of great gifts, O generous Lord and Lover of man, Be merciful to me, a sinner who is devoid of any good deeds. Raise up my fallen soul, defied by immeasurable sins, and remove from me every evil intention of this visible life. Thou who alone art without sin, forgive me all of the sins I have committed against thee this day, in knowledge or in ignorance; in word, deed, or thought; and through any of my senses. By thine divine authority, by thine inexpressible love for mankind, and by thy power, do thou cover me and protect me from every assault of the enemy. Cleanse, O God, cleanse the multitude of my sins. Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me from the snares of the evil one and save my passionate soul, and when thou comest in glory, do thou overshadow me with the light of thy countenance.
Macarius of Egypt (300-391)

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