Prayers for Humble Listening and Wise Speaking

Below are two prayers from this morning’s Lectio 365 devotional. One concerns our need to listen humbly and the other to speak wisely. Both go together. Both speak to the need for relational accountability among Christians. Both highlight how difficult the conversations we have with one another can sometimes be and, therefore, how much grace we need in the midst of them. And of course both make clear that the words we exchange with one another ought to be enveloped in prayer—which, if nothing else, is a recognition that our inter-personal interactions require the presence and power of God.

Given how, sadly, Christians sometimes address each other, perhaps we need to take the intent and spirit of these prayers more seriously. How we go about our relationships with one another in the church pertains directly to our spiritual maturity, which cannot be separated from our emotional and relational maturity. Like the apostle Paul says, Christians should be speaking the truth in love, so that we will grow in every way into him who is the head—Christ (Ephesians 4:15). May such spiritual growth, which includes the words we speak and the manner in which we speak them, be increasingly our hearts desire.

Here are the two prayers:

Lord, surround me with people who love me and who are unafraid to tell me the truth. Develop in me the humility to listen and the wisdom to recognise when I need to change my ways.

Lord, when those I love face difficulties, I commit to bringing them to You in prayer before offering my own advice. Fill me with Your wisdom that I might speak Your life-giving words to them.

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