Things COVID Has Shown Christians Can Take for Granted

Our church buildings. We complain about them and cling to them, sometimes in equal measure. But at least they’re a place to meet together.

Church potlucks. C’mon, you know you miss them! Where else can you find finger sandwiches, gelatin-based desserts, and casseroles at the same meal?

Congregational singing. A recent development, but very noticeable. I miss hearing a group of not altogether in tune with another people belting out hymns.

The human face. More specifically, smiles. When was the last time you saw the lower half of most peoples’ faces?

Human touch. Especially hugs. Waving or the patented COVID elbow bump simply aren’t the same.

Church business meetings. How many Baptists and others have experienced quorum and voting and making motions withdrawal?

The internet. WiFi, digital technology, and Zoom (we all should have invested in Zoom!) have turned obscure pastors into YouTube sensations!

Embodied presence. Just being around more loved ones, of course: family, friends, neighbours, and fellow believers. Not having to be suspicious or anxious about human contact. Not that it takes COVID to be this way, but the pandemic has definitely made it worse.

What about you? What do you think our churches have taken for granted? What have you taken for granted? Add a comment and let me know!

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