Sunrise Out My Window

Early morning, as the sun rises to paint the sky, has been my favourite time of day lately.

A time to rest in gratitude for gifts received.

A time to sit in wonder at God’s gracious presence in the creation he brought into existence.

A time to ponder the beauty of a marriage that has seen much in nearly 20 years—and will see much more in the days and years ahead.

A time to feel my heart swell with joy because I am a father and sometimes I can’t believe it.

A time to examine myself, my thoughts, my desires, my hopes.

A time to contemplate how God is speaking into my life and doesn’t stay at an aloof distance.

A time to enter slowly into the coming day, knowing all is of grace, all is gift. I pray that I might continue to receive it—and do so with a thankful, expectant heart not limited by what I can make out with my eyes and ears. Open me, Lord, to your reality again this day. May it begin with the sunrise out my window.

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