The Melanson Christmas Tree 2021

The Melanson Christmas Tree 2021

Here is our Christmas tree that we just decorated this afternoon. What I love about it is that it’s very eclectic.

Here you can see Santa and Rudolf, the Peanuts gang singing from a choir loft (though poor Linus is broken), and the nativity. Note the “Our First Pandemic 2020” ornament given to us by our sister-in-law!

A repurposed Star Wars Millennium Falcon keychain!

Star Wars has pretty much nothing to do with Christmas.

Shouldn’t every Christmas tree have a Spider-Man ornament that lights up?

Almost everyone in our family loves a good superhero movie. I grew up reading Spider-Man comics. Even some of our assorted pop culture faves make it onto the tree.

I love the church ornament that lights up from within!

When we began pastoral ministry way back in 2002–2003, my wife’s Mum gave us this church ornament. It’s one of the many ornaments that remind me of loved ones.

Here’s an ornament given to Ella for her first Christmas. She may not specifically recall getting it.

Ditto for the boys.

So that’s some of the decorations on our weird and wonderful Christmas tree! One of my favourite things to do during Advent and Christmas is to sit in our rocking chair and enjoy the lights, the decorations, and the occasional quiet, perhaps with a good book and a beverage.

I hope some of you out there also enjoy and are blessed by some of the things that come along with Christmas.

2 thoughts on “The Melanson Christmas Tree 2021

  1. If this was a facebook post, I would Heart this. Loved seeing the tree.. makes me feel not so weird about our eclectic tree. We don’t have star wars ornaments though, Peanuts, Dr.Who, quarantine 2020, so I guess I will have to add that to my list for next year, after star trek 🙂

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