A Prayer for Our Lobster Fishermen

Where I live lobster fishing is the economic backbone of our community. Captains and their crews are always anxious for the season to begin, and it’s supposed to start today, after having been delayed already. While pretty sure I would not fare especially well on the ocean waters, I can pray for all those whose livelihood this is. It can be both a prosperous and dangerous occupation. Below is a prayer for fishermen I found. However, I have tweaked it quite a bit for our local situation. Here it is:

Almighty and everlasting God, we pray to You for our lobster fishermen, as they embark on a new season, that You will embrace them with Your mighty protection and grant them success. Bless them with a bountiful harvest from the waters of the sea. Grant them in all hours of need to see that they have a God who cares for them, and give them grace in times of danger to commit themselves to You. Be with their families—their wives, children, and parents—when they are anxious. Give them confidence in Your all-sufficient care. O Lord, protect the captains and their crews, give them wisdom as they navigate the seas, and bring them all safely back to shore. This we pray, knowing You are the Lord of the winds and the waves, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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