A Breath of Fresh Air!

Often I either have my nose in a book or my face in front of a computer screen. Much of my work gets done this way. But a point always comes when my eyes and my brain need a break.

I’m also prone to forget that I need to, you know, get outside once in awhile.

So sometimes I need a change. I went for a walk yesterday with our two sons, our two dogs, and a dog we’re dog sitting, and I realized how much I needed the fresh air. It was sunny and there was a beautiful breeze. It was refreshing.

Today, all of my family and the three dogs went to one of our many local beaches. Again, it was a breath of fresh air.

It was good for my soul.

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you make time for it.

In my case, I needed to get outside.

My wife is always telling me to take the dogs for more walks.

Truthfully, as much as God speaks to us primarily through Scripture, he likewise speaks to us in creation, the world he made and placed us in.

And when I say he speaks to us, I don’t only mean in terms of concepts, principles, and intellectual ideas.

He can—especially if we take the time to listen—speak his rest into us. He gives us permission to enjoy the world he made. To enjoy the creation means enjoying the Creator.

For me, doing so over the last couple of days has been a breath of fresh air.

One thought on “A Breath of Fresh Air!

  1. Elaine Kenney

    A Lesson Learned. I have learned the same lesson in the last few months. I walk every day if it doesn’t rain and last week I started taking Senior Swims at the Pool on Sherose Island. I feel like a ‘new ‘person. I have lost 9 ibs. by enjoying nature and exercising with new friends. God has a plan for each of us. We have to put in a little effort. God Bless.

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