“Homemade Worship” for Mother’s Day

During today’s “Homemade Worship” my beautiful wife Alisha shared some thoughts on 1 Samuel 1:1–17, where we meet Hannah. Her thoughts are based on notes her late mother wrote in the margins of her Bible, which makes it extra special. I share some thoughts on 2 Timothy 1:3—6 and 3:14—15.

What really makes “Homemade Worship” special is that it involves our whole family. Even if you can’t see them! So when you hear boomwhackers, shakers, or other kinds of percussion, that’s usually one or more of our kids playing off camera. So while it’s a little messy and imperfect, keep in mind that we’re not professional YouTubers (which, yes, is really a thing in case you didn’t know). Our present technology has its limitations. In fact, the video below lacks sound at the beginning because, well, I forgot to set the mike up properly. And I didn’t take the time to edit the video to take that bit out. Maybe later I’ll try doing that. But despite all the flaws we have fun and hopefully those who watch are blessed.

Because our province is in lockdown until the end of May, we will be doing “Homemade Worship” for at least the rest of this month. We go live on YouTube Sunday mornings at 11:00am on the YouTube channel for Temple United Baptist Church. You’re welcome to join us.

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