Homemade Worship

Last year during the period when our church couldn’t meet in person, my family and I led an online service from our living room. We called it “Homemade Worship” because our whole family got involved. It was imperfect but personal.

Because we’re now on a two week lockdown, we decided to have “Homemade Worship” again. While we’re glad to do it, it is certainly our prayer that we will be able to meet in person very soon.

If you do watch the video below, let me just say it’s not what you would call a professional production. The audio on the songs is a little muddy because we don’t have the proper equipment. Plus, you get to see one of our sons show you a LEGO set he recently “assembled.” That’s a joke that some might get.

Anyway, I hope something about “Homemade Worship” blesses you. We’ll be doing it again next week for sure.

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