Henri Nouwen’s Words to Pastors and Church Leaders

I’ve been listening to a podcast interview with John Mark Comer, pastor and author of the recent book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. During the interview, he quotes Catholic writer Henri Nouwen from his book, The Way of the Heart. That quotation, about the task of pastors and church leaders, is below and is now the reason Nouwen’s book is on my must read list. It. Is. Brilliant.

“Our task is the opposite of distraction. Our task is to help people concentrate on the real but often hidden event of God’s active presence in their lives. Hence, the question that must guide all organizing activity in a parish is not how to keep people busy, but how to keep them from being so busy that they can no longer hear the voice of God who speaks in silence.”

One thought on “Henri Nouwen’s Words to Pastors and Church Leaders

  1. Henri Nouwen’s “The Way of the Heart” is one of my favorites! I have an audio CD of Nouwen giving talks based on this book that I still listen to when I am on longer car trips. Definitely a great book to put on your must read list! Thanks for this post, and blessings to you.

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