My Church is Now Online

So back in October I left Facebook for good.

Seeing as though I am a pastor, some might see this as an unwise move. After all, pastors should have a social media presence. I should be posting and tweeting!

But alas I am not.

In lieu of being on social media, I started up this blog again (after having left it abandoned for more than 6 years) and began working on a website for our church. The former was much, much easier than the latter.

However, our church now has a very basic website. By basic, I mean it. There’s more I want to add, but for now it has our contact information, our service time, our statement of faith, and a sample of videos I made for YouTube during last summer’s COVID lockdown. Plus, visitors can send messages. Though they keep going into the church’s junkmail folder and I have yet to figure out how to fix that. So, you know, there are still bugs to work out.

But for now here is the link to Temple United Baptist Church. Enjoy!

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