Favorite Quotes – Martin Luther

Here’s a post from a fellow blogger and pastor that I thought others might appreciate.

My Pastoral Ponderings

Pray, and let God worry.

Martin Luther

Yes, Martin Luther really said this, or wrote it. In his final letter to his wife, written just a few days before he died, Luther wrote these words to his beloved Katie. Here is a longer excerpt of his loving, but also teasingly playful, letter:

I thank you very kindly for your great worry which robs you of sleep. Since the date that you [started to] worry about me, the fire in my quarters, right outside the door of my room, tried to devour me; and yesterday, no doubt because of the strength of your worries, a stone almost fell on my head and nearly squashed me as in a mouse trap. For in our secret chamber [the toilet], mortar has been falling down for about two days; we called in some people who [merely] touched the stone with two fingers and it…

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