My Favourite Podcasts

I really love podcasts. I listen to a bunch, some more often than others. Here are some of the ones I especially appreciate:

Christianity and Hard Questions

Unbelievable: One of the best apologetics podcasts out of the UK. Usually involves debates between a believer and atheist /skeptic or between believers who hold different positions on various theological issues.

Apologetics Canada: A homegrown podcast on various ethical and theological issues and how we respond to our culture. One of the only podcasts that deals with these things from a Canadian perspective.

Christians and Culture

The Holy Post: Hosted by Veggie Tales creator, Phil Vischer, writer/speaker Skye Jethani, and others. Tackles cultural issues from a Christian perspective in a humorous, winsome, and thoughtful way.

The Movie Proposal: Skye Jethani and Josh Lindsey review movies and TV stories from a faith perspective.

Christianity and Struggles

Mid-Faith Crisis: Two Christians out of the UK with two points of view chatting about how to live as a person of faith when you are questioning your faith. Funny, thoughtful, and a good example of how to have a conversation when you disagree. Even I disagree with these guys about some stuff, but I still enjoy them!

Surprised By Grief: The two hosts, having experienced profound loss themselves, reflect on how to deal with grief as people of faith.

Christian Theology

The Bible Project: These guys have also done a ton of fantastic videos that are free on YouTube. Lots of deep dives into the books of the Bible and themes and topics in the Bible.

Mere Fidelity: Deeper conversations on various theological topics between 3 or 4 theologians. Very well done.

Ask NT Wright Anything: NT Wright is one of the premier New Testament scholars in the world today. Here he answers questions sent in by listeners. Hosted by Justin Brierly, host also of Unbelievable.

Theology in the Raw: Hosted by Preston Sprinkle, who interviews various Christian leaders and teachers on a variety of topics. Sprinkle has written a great deal on LGBTQ issues from a traditional Christian view on sexuality and personhood.

Obviously, these podcasts reveal my tastes. There are others I also listen to occasionally. I’m sure you could suggest others. But perhaps one or two of these might bless you and encourage you. If you want to share your favs with me, put the link in a comment.

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