Admit It.

A few years ago at a pastor’s retreat I was given a prayer journal, and at the bottom of each page is a Scripture verse and at the top of each page is a prayer. Today at our church’s Monday morning prayer time, I started using this journal to write down people’s various petitions. This was the prayer at the top of the page this morning:

“I am so weak, God. You promised me that Your power is made perfect in weakness–that Your grace is all I need. Here, God. I put my weakness in Your hands. Use it however You want. May Your grace fill my life.”

This prayer is a sigh. It’s the groan of a weary heart.

I admit, this is how I have been feeling lately: tired, weary, irritable, weak.

It’s hard to admit these things sometimes. Ironically, it’s even harder as a Christian and as a pastor. Because we can feel this internal pressure to be up. Or to have things together. To appear faith-full.

Ok, I should be honest: I can feel this way.

Even pastors need a space to admit weariness and weakness. Even I do.

One thought on “Admit It.

  1. Thank you for your honesty. And, yes, we pastors can definitely experience all of these things. I’ll keep you in prayer now, and ask for your prayers when I go through a similar time. Blessings to you.

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