Zoom Prayers

Yesterday I met with some pastors on Zoom. I’m part of a group that meets usually once a month for conversation and prayer, and to share what’s going on not only in our lives but in our hearts. During our time together we took about 5 minutes so we could each write a prayer that reflects where we are in the present. Afterwards, we were encouraged, if we felt comfortable doing so, to say our prayers aloud. It was spiritually uplifting. I thought I’d post my prayer here. Maybe someone out there will find that my words can be helpful words for them too. So here it is:

“Lord Jesus, empty me: of frustration, of weariness, of jealousy, of pride, of thoughts and attitudes unworthy of your presence. Forgive me: for harbouring resentment, for not letting go of past hurts. Please help me: to let go and to surrender to you; to find my identity and security in you alone; and to be present in the moment to the people around me. And, Lord, fill me: with humility and grace; with contentment and peace; with faith and wisdom; and with your Spirit and presence. Amen.”

Prayers, if nothing else, need to be honest. There’s no hiding ourselves from God. And, truthfully, there’s no need to hide from God. He’s a gracious God. He’s a loving Father. He’s a mighty Redeemer. He can make beautiful things out of the mess we bring to him.

There’s certainly mess in me. There are wrong things in me that only God can address and heal. Yes, it’s true, even though I’m a pastor. Heck, some of it’s because I’m a pastor! Lately, I’ve felt the weariness and frustration of all that junk. Holding a mirror up to my own heart isn’t always a pleasant exercise. I get tired of myself. Thankfully, I have a Saviour, who, miraculously, never tires of hearing from me. Alleluia and amen.

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