A lazy LEGO Sunday Afternoon

After a lovely worship service at our church this morning, we had Christmas dinner leftovers for lunch. Then I loaded our dishwasher with a day’s worth of dirty dishes—leaving our still dirty pots and pans till later. They could wait, you see, because there was something much more important to do.

It was time for my son Eli and I to begin assembling his Batman LEGO set that we gave him for Christmas. It’s the sort of LEGO set I would have gone nuts to have when I was a kid at Christmas.

Sitting at the dining table with Eli, playing with LEGO while listening to some great Christmas music (David Crowder Band’s Oh For Joy! and Jars of Clay’s Christmas Songs), without feeling rushed, is absolutely wonderful.

Life is crazy sometimes. We often feel rushed—inside and out. There are lots of things we have to do. We need moments that are simple, unhurried, and joyful. We all need to do things we don’t need to do.

When you read the gospels, you never ever see Jesus in a hurry. He’s never stressed. He also wasn’t always doing what others thought he should be doing. I’ll bet that sometimes he did exactly what he wanted to do. Of course, in his case, there was largely no separation between what he wanted to do and what he actually had to do. In either case, it usually meant being present with people, taking time to be in the moment with those he encountered each day.

I digress. But I’m just saying that we too are free to spend time unworried and unhurried. Just like Jesus. Because we all need a lazy Sunday afternoon now and then, whether we’re playing with LEGO or doing something else altogether.

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