Farewell, Facebook (Forever)!

So, today is the day.

When I finally hit delete on my Facebook account settings a month ago, I was told that I had until today to reactivate my Facebook account or I would lose everything and need to open a new account altogether.

I don’t plan on doing either.

I do wonder, though. Does it really take a full month for Facebook to delete an account? Or is they just giving people a huge window of time to reconsider their decision?

All the relevant stuff from my Facebook account is now saved on my hard drive. Actually, Facebook kindly creates a file for those deleting their accounts that has everything–and I mean everything–that you’ve done on their platform. Including all of my Messenger chats.

Sincerely, I have not missed Facebook.

Though I will say, it has meant keeping in touch with some people more challenging. I have missed some people, but not the platform.

Still, for me the benefits of leaving far outweigh the costs of staying on Facebook.

Sure, I probably still spend too much time in front of a screen. Don’t we all? But I certainly spend less time than I did.

And some of what I do on a screen–like this blog–feels much more productive and creative.

So that’s it. No turning back now.

One thought on “Farewell, Facebook (Forever)!

  1. You are a braver man than I could be about leaving Facebook, but I do understand about what you mean about being on it too much,the crap on it and the loss of connection by not having it.

    Enjoying this “virtual catch up” with you.

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