The (Nearly) Seven Year Itch . . .

So, it’s been a few years. Close to seven, actually, since I have posted on this blog. But having deactivated my Facebook account last week, I decided to create a website for our church. To make a long story short, this led me to reactivate my blog as a part of that process. So especially once I have the basics of a church website up and running, I plan on making regular posts here — posts which will also show up on my church’s website.

Much has happened in 7 years.

Our daughter is 16. And our twin boys are almost 12.

We have two dogs now, one 10 year old terri-poo and a Yorkshire terrier that is nearly 1 year old.

My wife has been teaching at a private Christian school for the last 4 years.

And me? Well, I’m pretty much the same.

I’m still pastor of the church we moved to NS to serve.

I still need to lose weight.

Oh, my beard is mostly grey. Except when my wife convinces me to use Just for Men.

Though perhaps I can say this: God has brought us through a lot even over these last 7 years. And I guess I have changed, though not always or mostly in ways that eyes can see. My Lord has been and continues to be gracious and almighty, despite my shortcomings.

So that’s it for now.

But more is coming.

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